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Have you been hiding your smile due to a crack, decay, or significant damage to your tooth? At Village Dental Group, we understand that all you want is to get back the full use of your teeth and have a healthy, complete smile. A dental crown is a proven, reliable, and attractive solution for your damaged or decayed tooth. We provide dental crown services for patients living in Menomonee Falls and the surrounding areas. Our dentists are known for their professional dental services and compassionate chairside manner. Whether you need dental crowns to help with tooth loss or to improve an imperfect smile, our gentle dentists are ready to restore your smile.

Our friendly team is committed to providing the services and care that you can count on. Should you have a dental emergency, we strive to offer our patients same-day appointments whenever possible. Whether you have one or several decayed or damaged teeth, our dentists are ready to assist you. Explore our dental crown treatments so you can make an informed decision regarding your oral health. Contact our office today to book your appointment.


What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an excellent way to help restore your smile if you have damaged or missing teeth. These tooth-shaped caps are placed over the tooth surface to help restore the strength, size, shape, and overall appearance of your tooth, blending seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Our dentists may recommend a crown for:

  • Covering misshapen teeth
  • Supporting dental bridges
  • Repairing broken teeth
  • Completing a dental implant
  • Protecting weak teeth
  • Covering stained, dull, or discolored teeth
  • Supporting a tooth that has a large filling
  • Restoring a tooth treated with a root canal therapy

What Is the Procedure for Dental Crown Placement?

dental crowns in Menomonee Falls, WIPlacing a dental crown usually consists of just two visits to our office. Our dentists will prepare the tooth that needs crowning during your first appointment. This involves gently shaping the tooth to ensure the crown fits perfectly. Our dentist will fix a temporary crown on your tooth so that you can eat and smile normally without worrying about the appearance of your smile. Our team will also take an impression of the tooth to give an exact model for the crown. We will send these impressions to a trusted lab to craft your custom-made crown, which typically takes two weeks to create.

Our team will call you in for the final appointment when your permanent crown is ready. The temporary crown will be removed, and the permanent, custom-made crown will be bonded to the tooth to cover any damages and complete the restoration process.

Our Dental Crown Services in Menomonee Falls

Our team understands that every situation is different, and your reason for needing a dental crown will be different from another person's. We work with you to determine the right solution for you and never suggest any treatments that won't benefit your overall oral health. Our dentists may recommend dental crowns for the following situations:

After Root Canal Therapy: The Village Dental Group may recommend root canal therapy when a tooth is severely infected or decayed. After the root canal process is complete, our dentists will fix a dental crown to protect and boost the strength of your tooth and restore functionality.

To Restore a Damaged or Decayed Tooth: When damage or decay is too much for a filling to repair, our team may use a dental crown to restore the strength and health of your tooth. We take the time to make sure your new crown blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth for beautiful results.

After a Dental Implants Procedure: After an implant is anchored into your jawbone, our dentists can use a dental crown to cover the top of the dental implant. A crown is the final step to completing dental implants. By fitting crowns on the implant post, we ensure that you can use your teeth and proudly show off a natural-looking smile.

For Cosmetic Purposes: Our team also uses dental crowns for cosmetic reasons. If you have severely discolored teeth, we can use dental crowns to enhance the appearance and aesthetics of your smile. We will create dental crowns that blend with your existing teeth giving you a beautiful and even smile.

Emergency Dental Situations: Accidents occur unexpectedly, and you may need dental emergency services to restore your teeth. Our dentists can strengthen your tooth structure or bite functionality by using dental crowns if you have fractured, avulsed (knocked out), or damaged teeth caused by an accident. Fixing your tooth with crowns will help to preserve your natural tooth structure and prevent your other teeth from shifting.

Show Off Your Smile with Dental Crowns

At Village Dental Group, we take the health and beauty of your smile seriously. If you have disproportionate, missing, or damaged teeth or are not happy with your smile, our dentists are ready to help. We will use our expertise and eye for detail to provide custom dental crowns that can transform and repair your smile. A consultation with our knowledgeable team is the best way to address all your concerns and questions and determine whether dental crowns in Menomonee Falls are the right solution for you. Contact our office today to book your appointment with our dentists.


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